Our Ultrasound scanning service  is offered in your own home which is less stress for your girl & no risk of picking up any infection from a trip to vets.

No Shaving is required. 

Non invasive and completely safe for your bitch. 

We use latest UK CE certified veterinary    equipment giving crystal clear images which


Can be emailed to yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What day can a ultrasound be performed?

We like your bitch to be at least 28days from time of mating. 


Does it hurt or harm bitch or unborn foetus?

Ultrasound scanning is completely safe for you bitch and any unborn puppies 

No shaving is required and it's completely non invasive. 


How long does it take ? 

Scanning usually takes around 15mins and your bitch can either be standing, lying down or on your knee, whichever she feels more secure & happy.


Do I get images of the ultrasound?

Yes of course these are saved at the time and then emailed to you later that day. 

Can you give a accurate number of puppies?

We can't give a exact amount of puppies, but we can give a idea of litter size. 


Remove all the guessing and getting prepared for the litter sooner 

Ultrasound Scanning from £25 

For further details or booking please contact us .