K9 Progesterone uk testing will help identify the narrow the window of opportunity in your canine breeding program.


The timing and length of canine heat cycles can vary between species , animals of the same species and even between cycles in the same animal, making it Difficult to Predict the ideal time for breeding. 

The eggs also require about 2 days to mature following ovulation, remaining fertile for just 2-3 days. 

In addition, whereas fresh sperm survives for 5-7 days , frozen sperm stares are viable for less than 24hrs which makes the window of opportunity for successful fertilisation extremely narrow. 

Progesterone levels can predict when the female is about to ovulate , when eggs are fertile and the ideal time for mating. 


We offer Rapid , Accurate and Quantitative progesterone measurements.


Our Progesterone sample kit has everything included for your canines blood sample to be dispatched to us ensuring the window of opportunity isn't missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is measuring serum progesterone important?

Firstly it is important not to confuse serum level progesterone testing with “pre-mate” or other off the shelf test kits, which can be affected by the temperature, the freshness of the kit or even staff’s opinion on a colour. K9 Progesterone Uk recommend accurate serum level progesterone testing your vet can take the required amount of blood sample on your behalf. 

Bitch progesterone measurement is a vital part of breeding management. It allows us to time ovulation and hence the optimum time for natural mating or insemination. There is a wide variety of progesterone measurements between labs so we would advise that you only do not change laboratory during a season. We recommend you start sampling from day 6-7 of her season (earlier if she has short heats or has been problematic to get pregnant in the past). 


How is the test performed ?

All we require is a small amount of your bitches blood, collection tubes are provided in your kit simply take her along to your vets who will draw blood for a very small additional cost. Then dispatch to us in the safety packaging provide. 

The serum is then prepared for testing. 

We use a CE UK certified Veterinary grade analyser to assure accurate results. 


How soon are we informed of results? 

As soon as the test is received the test will be prepared for analyse. The test takes around 1hr and you will be contacted as soon as test is complete via your requested contact method on your client information form.  

A full computer printout can be emailed for your own records.


Can Progesterone level determine whelping?

About 48 hours before whelping, the progesterone level drops to the 2 ng/ml range and within about 24 hours of whelping, the level drops to the 1 ng/ml range. This can help determine the proper timing of a c-section, especially if the progesterone level or LH level were not used to determine the ovulation date. By correctly determining the whelping time, it can prevent puppies from being taken by c-section too early and thereby decreasing their chance of survival. 







For a Rapid & Reliable Result 

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